Electronics Recycling Made Easy

Help us protect the environment by Recycling your Electronics


Electronics Recycling

Our goal at Device Circle is to recover and use each piece and part of every single device and simultaneously keep them out of landfills. We have embedded environmental awareness within the Device Circles culture as we strive towards a 0% landfill target

IT Asset Management

Partner with an organization that provides a comprehensive approach to technology assets. E-recycling is one part of many IT assets.


We work with the largest OEMs, distributers, manufacturers, and carriers ensuring business continuity.

Repair & Refurbishment

Environmental awareness is part of who we are, through our diligent processes and workflow we work towards a 0% landfill goal. We repair and refurbish devices giving them new life. We attempt to use every single part of every asset.

Reverse Logistics

Simplifying the movement of your technology assets in a simplified, secure, and inexpensive way is the foundation of our organization.

Wholesale Trade

Each device will undergo multiple lifecycles and here at Device Circles, we offer maximum recovery through market sales globally.


Work With Us

We’re constantly seeking improvements to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Global Connections & Reach

Providing our services globally and efficiently

Customized Solutions

We will uniquely tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs and expectations.

Supply Chain Efficiency

We work directly with OEMs, carriers, retailers, and insurance companies.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on quality assurance. Every device undergoes a stringent testing and grading process, this ensures consistent quality

Device Circles

Our Commitment

Environmental awareness is part of Device Circle’s culture. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact. We are extremely diligent with our E-Scrap and downstream methods

Strategic Values

We strive to continuously poise ourselves for future growth by committing to ongoing investments in our people & infrastructure.

Strategic partnerships

Work directly with OEM’s, carriers, retailers, and insurance companies to refurbish Apple, Samsung etc.

CORE Business

Repair and refurbishment of defective handsets Grade up of handsets and sales LCD reclamation and Touch-Screen


We love what we do, and that passion is what drives us to deliver the best service to our stakeholders.

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2021 Milestones

Our performance mirrors our namesake and here are some numbers to prove it.