About Us

Our Commitment

Environmental awareness is part of Device Circles culture. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact. We are extremely diligent with our E-Scrap and downstream methods
We pride ourselves on quality assurance. Every device undergoes a stringent testing and grading process, this ensures consistent quality.
Device Circles continues to challenge and disrupt the recycling business. Our culture and quality sets us apart from the competition

Strategic Values

We strive to continuously poise ourselves for future growth by committing to ongoing investments in our people & infrastructure. Our vision & culture will set us apart whilst staying focused on positive environmental impacts & our obligation to social responsibility.
Ideation, creativity, and innovation are embedded in our culture, rewarding employees for ideas big and small.
At Device Circles we have a responsibility to give back and to support the communities that surround us, schools, and organizations that have great causes.

Operational Value Propositions

Relationships with carriers, insurance companies & OEMs
Full turnkey supply chain from end to end.
• Receiving
• Triage
• Grade up
• Sales & Auctions

Strategic partnerships

AT&T, T-Mobile, Samsung & Assurant
Work directly with OEM’s, carriers, retailers, and insurance companies.
Volume – 500k units annually

CORE Business

• Auctions and Sales
• Grade up of handsets
• Phone (TSP) reclamation
• Reclamation and recycling of electrical
components and cosmetic parts
• Inventory management
• OEM Parts & Accessories Sales